Acupuncture and Pregnancy Support

Acupuncture treatments during pregnancy can offer women a gentle alternative to help provide relief from some pregnancy related concerns. By calming the mind and helping with stress mamangement, while supporting your changing body, many of our patients have found acupuncture helpful through their pregnancies. 

Weekly acupuncture treatments can also be useful in the final weeks of pregnancy for labour preparation and support. To find out how acupuncture may be useful in your pregnancy you can book an initial appointment or give Ana a call 0402387491 or email

Having had two natural births herself at RHW, Ana also offers her experience on how to improve your chances of having the optimum birth experience you desire, whatever that approach is.

Partners are welcome to come for an appointment to be taught how to locate and administer useful acupressure techniques to aid in labour support. A great free downloadable guide is available from the following website