More and more of the work that I do reflects that very few women suffer from ‘infertility’. Many experience what I describe as sub-fertility. A couple’s ability to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy is commonly a reflection of the overall health of both individuals, and environmental factors within their bodies which influence reproductive health.

While many patients come to me with diagnosed biomedical causes for their fertility issues (such as ovarian cysts, fibroids, low ovarian reserve/quality, PCOS, endometriosis, autoimmune factors, hormonal irregularities, poor sperm count/morphology/motility to name a few), a large portion have unknown biomedical causes for infertility. Put simply, they have been unsuccessful in  conceiving naturally for a given period of time and no ultrasounds or blood tests are giving them the answers they wish to seek.

This is when the approach I take with acupuncture and Chinese medicine is so invaluable. Not only do I look for issues within the reproductive system which could be causing the problem (some issues are commonly outside of the scope of biomedical tests) I also look at optimising the health of both individual’s and improving circulation to the reproductive organs using herbs and acupuncture as well as lifestyle advice.

These methods aim to help strengthen the female and male partners’ quality of sperm and eggs, improve the environment in the uterus and Fallopian tubes to ensure no blockages are present, and ensure a plump oxygen rich endometrium is generated, and hormones are in balance. All of these factors are vital components to allow for natural conception and full term pregnancies.

Research studies are highlighting the ability of acupuncture to increase circulation to the uterus while regulating cortisol levels and improving conditions such as PCOS and poor endometrial thickness. Chinese herbs are also important to create a warm temperature and moderate environment in the uterus which is free from blockages and excess fluid accumulation.

These processes are important for individuals wanting to conceive naturally which or in preparation for IVF. I have had the ability to help hundreds of couple’s conceive naturally over the years using these techniques and look forward to helping you through your journey.

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