Acupuncture has an uninterrupted history dating back some four thousand years in China and surrounding East Asia.

It is one of the most respected forms of complementary health care systems in Australia, Europe, USA, and the East earning it formal recognition by the World Health Organization for its clinical efficacy as well as the potential for integration into hospital systems globally. It is based on endless years of clinical observation.

The ancient Chinese were great observers of change. Changes in the environment and the body as it develops and matures, and changes in the manifestation of illness. They also observed the way the body changed and responded to simple stimulus. They explained this pathomechanism by viewing the body as a complex system which is interconnected by a network of channels or meridians which connect to the internal organs.

It is disharmony in these systems which cause the signs and symptoms associated with ill health and disease. Such imbalances can manifest as a wide variety of common and not-so-common modern problems which can be treated with acupuncture.